When I inaugurated this poem,
It was not written but allowed to simmer in my head,
Allowed to retain all of its details for added brevity and clarity,
And conceived not through the conventional forms of inscription,
Just as my imagination does not claim to derive its powers from,
The same consortium that invigorates everyone else.

As my methods of pleasing you seem unorthodox,
Because I want you, badly.

Carnivorous dinosaurs veiled amid the smog,
Because since the beginning of time I have reinvented ways to please you,
A waltz between your body and mines.
Eyes locked and bodies partaking in a motion that could not be explained,
Just watched.
So elegantly composed yet put forth with so much vigor,
But I want you all to me.

Every inch of your body dripping,
With this lust advocating my appetite to engulf you,
Just as raindrops fall from the leafs on a Sunday morning,
You too are so wet.

So I let the fog obscure the scene,
So nobody else gets to watch,
Keep you in my head where eye can visit you every time I close my lids,
Just like you think of me every time you touch your lips.

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