Love Speakeasy

If you truly know me,
Then you know that this is never to be taken for its face value,
Cause faces depreciate and decay.

It proves to be a cavity of one’s character when they speak on the sweetness of lies,
But shout outs to the letter after I,
Cause we have no idea where we’re going
Misguided ghost walking into the darkness blindfolded,
And were much alike, but my visions impared like I drunk it all in,
Devil spring eyedrops being overdosed on a dosage that’s too strong.
Because instilled in me is the want, to trust another being
But, being about face is when foes are most potent.

Stop let what has been said, soak in, see now as my,
Heart open and exposed lays next to burnt bridges and severed arteries upon the floor.

I’m kept alive by the ventilator of life, compassion of family and her smile,
Because your as the coldest winter that comes in succession,
But its so warm when you do finally arrive.

A contradiction Did you get that? Maybe not.
I know your reading into my thoughts and,
Like spring you bloom, it feels great to have your lips pressed against mine,
Like standing under warm April showers watching shooting stars fall across the sky.
But, quickly fall enters the scene and we part like leaves descending from trees.
May we never part but continue to grow like an acorn fallen from a tree,
It begins its own journey,
To one day stand firm overlooking the cemetery,
Reading the tombstone of all the enemies that once hated.

Stay Strong and when speaking of love remember to speakeasy.

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