Me, Myself and I

Standing in class and nobody seems to notice anything out of the ordinary,
Just then I feel me overshadowing myself,
Because I’m also sitting in class, eyes glazed over by boredom,
Intently gazing towards what seems like a seemingly simple yet complex situation,
Like genes less seams, indistinguishable on a level of DNA with multiple disorders of personalities.
Yet, a contradiction if applied to you on a limited view.

Can you understand that?

If so you will know that currently I am projecting myself into the world,
Through words I make you feel my frustration,
With no physical composure but with the association of sound.

All the emotional liabilities, being carried out by the proactive flow of time.
I’m literally everywhere but nowhere, my classmates are me and I am them.
They stare at me teaching, I try and call out to no avail.
So I stay staring in disbelief at thirty- two other me’s.

Shortly after I pickup remnants of what I used to be,
A book, pencil, my jacket to leave,
Because life told me someone else should be teaching me.
Not I from me and them from we,

I walked to the door, but couldn’t open it,
And on the other side of the glass how ignorant that I didn’t see, the truth all this time was standing right in front of me.

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