Nation of Patience

Open your borders to the fleeing thoughts of a thought provoking cynic,
Could you at least act shocked if I told you my hearts already been through this?

Far from timid.

And these images leave me and migrate from a state called broken hearts to your flowing meadows,
Of green pasture, peace and tranquility.

So in all honesty I’m tired of the same nonsense making no sense of it all.
Like trying to wave the white flag, calling it off,
But still find myself late nights walking through the damaged corridors of my heart.

But take heed for what you are about to see,
Is a war torn ravaged landscape of a battle taken place between life and me.
Witness the poverty, the abandoned buildings and like a landlord that has lost all of his leases,
I cannot contain the tenants of my thoughts.
They roam freely about the streets.

I cannot dictate to you what’s right from wrong,
But I know I can write this and gather my thoughts to prove,
I would not be wrong,
About you, about life, about going through strife for something that’s worth the fight.

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