Would You Mind?

Would you mind having sex with our minds?
Speak the language your eyes speak cause I speak it too and,
Lies cannot be told only allow what fate has planned to unfold, as I will learn through you.

Right now your body cannot lie with me,
And I’m breathless staring at your figure,
So I let my thoughts extend, like my fingers
When I’m in you words seem to be overrated, as I contemplate this
So see with your lips, listen with your hands and handle me with your heart
I can feel me slowly retreating into my thoughts,
The way a black panther provides the perfect silhouette against the lonely night I too am comparable to him
Illuminated by the moons pale yet radiant light
Then slipping away into the warm misty jungle
Without moving even as much as a leaf, sensual thoughts traverse my mind
Stimulating the gears of passion within me to spin faster like that river coursing through the jagged rocks,
A never ending flow,
Into only a larger body of water where you drift slowly on a boat,
Illuminated by one flickering flame
Before plunging into the waterfall of my spine.

Sensational feelings as I feel this and you leave my mind, wishing I could bring you back
But I know, somewhere down the ocean spread, you will return, because our minds are intertwined, like the grapes and the vines.

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